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 Ethiopian Air Force

Our Bylaw

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Whereas, we the former members of the Ethiopian Air Force in the Diaspora who familiarize and accustomed to the new way of life outside our motherland, hereby establish this organization of ours in order to promote peace among ourselves, to preserve our enduring culture and continue our mutual understandings within us in the Diaspora and our homeland brothers, honored traditions and to secure our posterity do ordain and establish this by-law and constitution for the former members of Ethiopian Air Force.   

By-Law and the Constitution

Article I/1

Meaning of the term of by-law and the constitution.

(a)  “By-law” In this document unless otherwise stated means a rule adopted by an organization chiefly for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs.

(b)   “Constitution” in this document it means the act of establishing, making or setting up of the Former Members of the Ethiopian Air Force into a physical makeup of the individual comprising inherited qualities modified by environmental circumstances. Constitution in the context of the establishment of the Ethiopian Air Force Association, however, does not extend to mean formation of principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people under distributed sovereign power.

                                                                           Article II/2

                                                                  Legal Establishment.

              The United Former Ethiopian Air force Association Inc. “UFEAFA” is established as a-not-for-profit organization under the Laws of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service “IRS” code 501(C)(3) and any other parallel laws of other nations */1 outside the United States .  The word in our name “former” does not imply only the past or retired member of the Air Force but also the past and displaced,  retires,  or the present who cared, are carrying at the present and continue to care and love to our people in the future.


*/1   This law is prepared in an international context and any statutory provision not cited above is because it was impossible to cite it her due to the multiple nature of the nations United operated. In other words, if this law is enforceable in the U.S so is in Canada or any other nation.

                                                                         Article III/3

                                               Purpose or Objectives of the Organization:

(1)    to organize member of former Ethiopian Air Force from the world over.
(2)    to establish local, regional and global alliance among members of former
        Ethiopian Air Force so as to unified for coordinated action,

(3)    to restore, heroism and nationalism of the former Ethiopian Air Force
        Members now marginalized by current regime in power,
(4)    to pay tribute to the sacrifice[ed]of our heroes and brother-in-arms for the
        unity and territorial integrity of our home/motherland,
(5)    to create conditions and facilitate forums for members of the former Ethiopian Air
        Force and encourage them to actively participate in the affair of our county.

                                                                         Article IV/4

                                                   Duration or Life time of the Association.

            The Association’s life depends on the unity, good spirit and strength for endurance towards good governance for its continued existence.

                                                                         Article V/5

(1)     Any Ethiopian by birth who was veteran in the military or civil Service,
(2)     Wives or Husband who were member of the Former Ethiopian Air Force “FEAF”
(3)     Any children who reached 18 years old or older
(4)     Membership shall be open to both individual and families

                                                                         Article VI/6

                                                                   Source of Income

The United Association shall generate income from the following sources:
(a)   Membership due,
(b)   Donation from any person who support the goal of the organization

(c)   From other source that has legal existence and/or lawful entity in the eyes of the law

                                                                     Article VII/7
                                                                Membership Due

(a)   Membership is by registration with initial payment of $50.00
(b)   Members shall pay a monthly fee of $20.00
(c)   The General Assembly has the power to change (increase or decrease the initial registration
        fee and/or the monthly fee.

(d)   The General Assembly may waive fees for the disadvantage and destitute
(e)   The General Assembly is within its discretion to take other measure on membership fee
        as well as matter of payment arrangements.

                                                                Article VIII/8
                                                           Right of Members

(a)   Every members of the association shall have equal voting right and elect
    Officers as well as be elected by member of the association,

(b)    Every member of the Association shall have the right to participate in general
         discussion and  may have his/her input except in the decision making process.

(c)    Although Membership privilege extend to the right for voting, the decision-making
         process,  however, is reserved for elected members of the board.

(d)    Membership to the association is at-will and any member of the Association may
         leave at any time provided that he/she informed the association two weeks advance of
         his/her resignation.
(e)    No member can claim the property of the Association as his own or his/her family and, no 
         payment will be refunded that was made either as a monthly fee or registration,

(f)     Any eligibility for benefit (if any) may commence three month after acceptance by the    

 (g)   the association has the right  to sue any member if the other members believe
         that an individual or group had become eminent danger to individual life or  the
      general public.
 (h)   Any lawsuit initiated by any party and the legal cost or attorney fee incurred as
         a result will be covered by the party that initiated the lawsuit and no fund will be
      expended from the organization unless the organization is sued

                                                                             Article IX/9

(a)    Every member shall pay his due regularly and promptly, provide such service as may
         reasonably required and observe all the provisions of these by-laws

(b)    Monthly membership dues shall be paid by the third week of the month. If a member is
         to discharge his obligation,  he/she notify the Treasurer of the United Association the   
         reason so as to explore alternative payment plan for past due and the future,

(c)     If member didn’t pay his/her monthly due for three consecutive months he/she won’t  
         be authorized to get any benefit from United until he/she paid the dues in full.

(d)     Every member is expected to attend regular and extra-ordinary meetings of the
                                                                      Article X/10

                                                        Termination of Membership

                  Membership in the United Association shall terminate if the following exist:

(a)    Voluntary resignation with or without notice,
(b)    Expulsion by a majority vote of Board Members due to apparent or perceived
         misconduct, including breach of trust.

(c)    Failure to pay monthly installments for a year (except being outside from the U.S for  
         extended leave of absence to Homeland country  other country for business reasons.  
(e)    The death of an individual member or the death of both spouses.

                                                             Article XI/11


(a)    A member who voluntarily resigned may be readmitted upon payment of the registration
         fee but without losing seniority status than all other members who join United after him;

(b)    A member who was expelled from United Association pursuant to Article X(b) shall not
         be readmitted;

(c)     Any misconduct of the member from other jurisdiction will not be considered to accept
         or reject his request for membership to the association,

(d)     Membership or Re-instatement  to the association is not based on one’s ethnic
          background, religious belief or other institutional affiliation but political groups who
          are against the political belief of the Member of the United Association.

                                                                  Article XII/12

                                                        Organ of the Association

(a)    The entire body of the United Association constitute “assembly” as in a parliamentarian 
         sense of  the government or congregational establishment of a church except that all are
         equal in power until elected for office and service.

                                                                        Article XIII/13

                                     Power and Responsibility of the General Assembly

The General Assembly shall:
(a)    Elect Members of the Executive Committee
(b)    Replace individual members of the Executive Committee
(c)    Amend the By-Laws of the Association when two-third (2/3) of the Board found it necessary
(d)    Appoint an auditor to periodically examine the United’s financial and property accounts
(e)    Discuss agendas and decide issues presented by the Executive Committee to United’s

                                                                Article XIV/14

Meeting of the General Assembly

(a)     the General Assembly shall meet once a year and may meet in other regular secession as well
          as in an extraordinary meeting as the need may arise and circumstance demanded it,

(b)     a simple majority no less than 51% may form a forum and decisions may be passed if
          supported by the majority of those present unless under other section of this law adopting the  
          decision is found to be contradictory.

(c)     If  a meeting of the general assembly is called and the majority of the members is not present,
          the meeting shall be postponed and another meeting shall be called. If at the second meeting
          the majority of the members are present, it shall be presumed that the quorum requirement
          is satisfied and,  the decision to be made by the simple majority should  by  a  vote of  2/3 or
          66% and not by 51% as the Full Executive Members’ vote.  

                                                                Article XV/15                                                 

Members of the Executive committee

The following shall constitute as member of the Executive Committee

(a)    The President  
(b)    Vice President
(c)    Secretary General
(d)    Treasurer
(e)    Auditor
(f)   Public relation – Spoke’s Person.

                                                                        Article   XVI/16

Power and Responsibility of the Executive Committee

The Executive committee shall:

(a)   Call the regular and extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly,
(b)   Prepare the agenda for the meeting s of the General Assembly,
(c)   Prepare the Annual budget of the United Association and implement the same upon approval
        by the General Assembly,

(d)   Examine the monthly financial report and issue guidelines as necessary,

(e)    Ensure that all money received by the United Association is deposited in the
         Association’s account,

(f)     Establish sub-committee as necessary and provide them with guidelines,
(g)    Assign members of the United Association to render services to a  member as
         stipulated in these bylaws,.

(h)    Temporarily replace members of the executive Committee in case of illness or
         other problem and unable to execute their responsibilities and report the same to
         the General Assembly at its next meeting,

(i)     Prepare and adopt internal regulation for the executive committee

(j)     Submit Annual Report to the General Assembly at its regular meeting
(k)    Conduct all other activities assigned to it by other provisions of these bylaws

                                                                     Article   XVII/17

Meeting of the Executive Committee

(a)    the Executive shall meet at least once every month

(b)   When urgent matters of the Association demand such a meeting, the committee with or
        without announcing to the general members of the association may meet at any time. 

(c)    A simple majority of members of the committee of the Executive shall constitute a quorum
         in  which decision may be adopted if and when the simple majority vote prevail.

                                                                      Article   XVIII/18

Power and Responsibilities of the Officers of the Executive Committee.

(a)    Every Executive member of the Association is responsible for his action individually
        And/or jointly for the over all administration of the Association,

(b)    Every Committee Members should have a single position of authority as one can not have two
         position such as president and secretary or president and vice president,

(c)    The Power and Responsibilities of the Executive committee member(s) by no means shall
         exceed the power of the General Assembly and, therefore,  any committee member can be
         called for any apparent or perceived misconduct to explain and justify any matter of
         accusation directed against him/her.

                                                                      Article   XIX/19

(A)    Officers Position within the Executive Committee

(1)  The Executive Members of the Organization will have:
(a)  The President
(b)  The Vice-President
(c)  The Secretary General
(d)  Treasurer
(e) Public relation

(B)   Officers  Job responsibility within the Executive Committee

2.  The President

(a)    The president, as a higher authority within the Organization will be responsible for
         the over  all administration of the United Association,

(b)    Preside over the meeting of the General Assembly/Executive Committee and be responsible
         for overall administration,

(c)    Represent the United Association at any business transaction within the limit of the law  
         and other directives of the General Assembly/Executive Committee and report the same.
(d)    Countersign Checks with the Treasures, the vice president or the Secretary General of the
         to ensure that funds were used properly for the intended objective of the

(e)    Ensure the proper implementation of decision of the General Assembly and the Executive

                                                             Article   XX/20
3.    The Vice President

The Vice-President shall have the power:

(a)   Assist the President in the discharge of all his responsibility
(b)   Appoint deputies in the Absence of the President
(c)   Conduct any other duties with the president on policy implementation and the like..

4.   The Secretary General

(a)   In consultation with the President carryout administrative functions of the Association,
(b)   Prepare agenda for the General Assembly meeting with the consent or directive of the president; 
(c)   Notify the time and place of all meetings of the General assembly and the Executive Committee,
(d)   Record ad maintain the minutes of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.
(e)   subject to verification by the president and without prejudice to article 19(d) counter sign a
       checks for payment or a check received as a gift/donation with the president of United,

(f)   Have custody and control of the seal of the Association and the use of it.
(g)   With the consultation of the Vice- President, prepare the annual Report   
(h)    Perform other activities delegated to him/her by the Executive Committee or the President.

Article   XXI/21

5.   The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have the following duties and Responsibilities:

(a)    Ensure that all membership dues and other incomes are collected without delay
(b)    Deposit all monies/moneys in a designated Federally protected or State Insured Banks and    
         credit any payment received as a gift, donation or other payment.
(c)    Disburse the fund of United Association as may be directed by the president with proper
         disbursement records and receipts for such transactions.

(d)Submit all financial account and records to the Executive Committee at its regular meeting.

6.   Public Relation

The Public Relation shall have the following duties and responsibilities.

a)Liaising with colleagues and key spokespeople.
b)Liaising with answering enquiries from, individuals and other organization. Often via telephone and email.
c)Collating and analyzing media coverage.
d)Maintaining and updating information on the association’s website.
e)Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media.

Article   XXII/22

Terms  of office

(a)   The member of the Executive Committee shall hold office for two years
(b)   An Executive Member may be re-elected for the second term and serve two years but not more.
(c)    No Executive Member can delegates any other person for his office due to absence for
         extended period of time but only by the Board of the Executive Members. 

Article   XXIII/23

           As this establishment is founded voluntarily by those who dedicated to the service of the organization, no compensation is contemplated at this time.

Article    XXIV/24


This by-law may be amended by popular demand of the member of the association i.e. by 2/3 vote of the General Assembly to effect its amendment.

Article    XXV/25

Effective Date of this By-laws

Effective Date of this By-Law and Constitution will be on this the ____th Day of _________2015.

Ratified and Witnessed by:

________________     _____________________     _________________     ________________ 
       President                     The Vice-President